Frequently Asked Question

What type of treatment is offered to treat chronic pain?

Pain management at Morkane Pain Clinic is by Allopathic treatment. Treatment and all pain procedures are according to international guidelines and evidence based.

How do I fix up an appointment?

You may take an appointment with the reception at Morkane Pain Clinic on 8652491410 or submit the appointment form in our website.  We will fix up the appointment according to your suitable time at a center near you. Telephonic consultations are not encouraged.

What do I need to get with me at the time of consultation?

Please get the previous investigations (if any) along with you for the consultation. Please get records of previous treatments (such as X-rays, CT scans, or magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] scans) at the time of your first visit. Please get any medications you are currently taking or the medicine prescription. Inform the doctor about any allergies you might have.

What can I expect during my first visit?

The first visit involves a thorough history taking and a detailed clinical examination along with an evaluation of all the previous reports with you. This visit aims to diagnose your chronic pain state, after which a treatment plan shall be proposed to you. The aim would be to ensure a recovery to a level of satisfactory function. If you have been referred for a Procedure, then day and time of procedure is fixed up which can be as early as next day. (Only in certain situations procedures can be planned on same day).

What can I expect when I call to speak with my doctor?

Your important questions will be answered and your pain condition in brief will be asked. Your appointment will be planned. Your queries are important to us. However, not many problems can be sorted out over telephone. So it is advisable to discuss the problem and see patient in person.

Can doctor come for a home visit?

Generally we avoid home visits. But in case of severe pain and immobilized patient, doctor can plan a home visit. But this is totally for patients benefit, for his/her health issues and not otherwise.

Is pain relief through Pain Management temporary or permanent?

Most of the cases Pain relief is long term or permanent. In certain cases pain relief is temporary and pain can return after few months or years. In this situation treatment can be repeated and repeat treatment can give long term or permanent Pain relief. Pain relief is long term if right Rehabilitation strategies are implemented.

Will my pain management help me avoid surgery?

Yes in majority of cases pain management treatment has helped patients to avoid surgical option. This depends on patient to patient and severity of the disease. In certain situations, surgery is needed. But pain management is very good option before surgery.

What are the Pre op and Post op requirements?

Do not eat or drink 8 hours prior to the pain procedure, in case you are on any medication please check with the doctor during consultation if it can be taken on the day of the procedure. Wear loose fitting clothes. Do not bring any valuable items along for the pain procedure.

What are the pain conditions that are treated?

We treat various pain conditions such as lower back pain, spine pain, neck pain, sciatica, slipped disc, knee pain, cancer pain, shoulder pain, etc. For more queries on Pain conditions please use the ‘Ask your Query’ form.

I’m an out station patient can I return to my home town on the same day?

Yes you can. Please make sure to schedule your appointment prior to the visit.