Ozone Injections

Ozone Injections

Injection of ozone gas into the knee and other joints has clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation.       Ozone-pain-relief

Ozone Injections deliver active oxygen (mixture of oxygen and ozone – O3) directly into the problem area. This, minimally invasive, treatment delivers regenerative and anti-inflammatory power of medial ozone directly into the inflamed tissue. Ozone can provide pain relief and start regenerate the tissue, even for patients with severe damage to their joints, by activating your own Stem Cells, which has a power to repair and rebuild your damaged cells. Ozone also activate your natural anti-oxidant system that takes control over free radical invasion, the true culprits of cell damage resulted from chronic inflammation that also causes pain. Ozone injections increase circulation and encourage a synthesis of collagen and cartilage. Ozone addresses the key issues in almost all disease conditions: oxygen delivery, circulation, and immune system function.

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