Knee Pain

Knee pain / Osteoarthritis

Common cause of knee pain is due to osteoarthritis of the knee, or after injuries or other unusual causes like gout rheumatoid arthritis etc Osteoarthritis of the knee results from age related degenerative changes in the joint and in the muscles responsible for movement of the joint. This is more commonly seen with women, the obese and the elderly.

Patients are advised to manage conservatively till surgery is indicated. Treatment for knee joint pain depends on the cause and severity.In most patients pain is from a combination of all these.

Knee Pain Symptoms-

  • Difficulty in climbing down the stairs and later up the stairs.
  • Difficulty in standing.
  • Difficulty in walking.
  • Difficulty in squatting.
  • Difficulty in performing prayers, sitting cross legged, etc.

After a while, many patients complain of pain in the other knee as well along with low back pain The reason for the pain and the common occurrence in population is lack of exercise. Traditional Indian life used to entail considerable exercise to the knee with the cross legged sitting, walking as a part of daily work, use of the Indian toilet etc.

Knee Pain Treatment:-

  1. Medications.
  2. Nerve blocks of the nerves.
  3. IMS of specific muscles involved in moving the knee.
  4. Intraarticular injections (injection into the joint). Very selected cases, injection of hyaluron, a lubricant may be given.
  5. Physical therapy.
  6. Weight loss.
  7. Posture correction, nutritional correction, lifestyle modification and patient education are other aspects of complete therapy.


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