Failed back surgery / post laminectomy pain syndrome

back pain treatmentSometimes even after back surgery there is no pain relief in some patients.

  1. No relief of original pain for which the surgery was performed (back pain or radicular pain).
  2. Development of New pain after surgery.
  3. Development of New pain in addition to old pain.
  4. New symptoms other than the pain that come on after surgery like tingling numbness, heaviness, weakness etc.

Causes Of Back Pain Due to Surgery

a) Scarring (fibrosis) which is normal reaction of the body to any surgery. The nerve can be entrapped in the fibrosis.
b) The swelling of tissues in the spinal canal in reaction to the surgery.
c) This scarring can compromise the blood supply in the area.


Advantage of Pain Management for Failed Back Surgery

Interventional pain management can help patients with failed back surgery, with the following.
1. Medications.
2. Physical therapy.
3. Interventions like transforaminal epidural injections, Facet injections Radiofrequency denervations , Racz procedure or advanced interventions like spinal cord stimulator.

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