Myofascial pain or muscle pain

Myofascial Pain
Myofascial Pain can occur anywhere through out the body muscles.

Muscle pain (Myofascial Pain)

Muscular pain is a major component of chronic pain. It can be associated with other painful conditions or can be present by itself. Myofascial Pain can lead to severe spasm and restrict day to day activities due to pain.


  1. Muscular injury- sports, gym, weight lifting etc.
  2. Bad posture- desk jobs,computer use, prolonged sitting, fine workers etc.
  3. Nutrition, vitamin deficiency.
  4. Other neurological diseases.
  5. Associated with other causes of back pain, neck pain, joint pain etc.
Myofascial trigger point

A Myofascial trigger point is a hyper irritable spot usually within a skeletal muscle and is painful on compression. It can give rise to referred pain, motor dysfunction and autonomic phenomenon.


  1. Dry needling
  2. Trigger point injection with local anesthetic and corticosteroids.
  3. FENS, ultrasound massage.
  4. Physical therapy.
  5. Muscular pain- treated with IMS trigger point injection, exercises


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