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Morkane Pain Clinic is an advanced Pain Management Center in Mumbai. We offer pain relief treatment for a wide spectrum of pain conditions such as Lower Back Pain , Spine Pain, Back Pain, Slip Disc , Sciatica Treatment, Knee Pain, Cancer Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, etc. We treat pain with highly advanced Pain Management Techniques.


Pain management helps thousands of people each year to achieve pain relief through non-surgical pain procedures. We manage Pain with an allopathic approach.

Dr Nana Morkane is an highly acclaimed Pain Management Doctor, he helps alleviate chronic pain through a range of interventional and minimally invasive procedures.

Advantages of Pain Management:

  1. Focused approach to achieve long term or permanent pain relief.
  2. Avoiding major surgery.
  3. Low cost for interventional pain procedures in case it is needed.
  4. Less recovery time. Patients can get back to work next within couple of days after pain procedure.
  5. No need of hospital admission, patient goes home walking in few hours of pain relief procedure.

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Pain Management Information

Conditions Treated



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Samip Borkar
Samip Borkar
"I was having major slip disc problem 7 months back but after having treated by Dr Nana Morkane. It was a miracle. Absolutely all pain has gone within 3 days and now I am feeling great. Thanks to Dr Nana Morkane. Thank him and wish him all the very best for his future endeavor. Thanks again."
Pranita Patil
Pranita Patil
Treatment is going on the back, the pain has decreased and now I am in much better shape than before. Dr Morkane is really friendly and listens to the patient and their problems. Before starting the treatment interaction with patient is really very good which all Doctors should follow.
Kushal Pagare, Bsc(Computer Science)
Kushal Pagare, Bsc(Computer Science)
"I have been suffering from intense leg and back (spine) pain due to slipped disc since 2 years. I had consulted 3 to 4 doctors previously but my problem was consistent. Fortunately my neighbor, who was suffering from the same problem, referred me to Dr Nana Morkane. I have taken complete treatment from Dr Nana Morkane. My back and legs feel 90% better within 10 days from the first visit. Dr Morkane has helped me in every way a patient can be helped. His treatment helped me to relieve the pain in less than a week. He has been extremely supportive and helpful throughout my treatment. I can never thank him enough for all his efforts.I really appreciate Dr Morkane for being helpful and supportive."
Tanya Shenoy
Tanya Shenoy
“Dr morkane is one of the best doctors. He is a complete professional yet very comforting. Has magic in his hands with the procedure he does. My neck n shoulder stiffness has disappeared. I was in absolute pain with spondylitis and a stiff shoulder. Had tried a lot of physiotherapy and loads of pain killers. The manner in which Dr. Morkane handled my issue was phenomenal. He was the only doctor that diagnosed my condition as trapezitus amongst all the specialists I visited. His hands are feather light so never experienced any discomfort. He never had any shortcuts in his treatment and tackled the roots of my problem. Very professional yet comforting. We need more doctors like him.”
Mr. Ashok Chheda
Mr. Ashok Chheda
Dr.Morkane is good, dedicated doctor who very carefully performed the procedure of injecting pain relief steroid to me. I had the issue of back pain for L5-L4 slipped disc. He is friendly and makes the patient feel comfortable and confident about the step taken as the remedy for the spine issue. It was a pleasant experience and highly recommended.
 Mr. AvinashBhoir
Mr. AvinashBhoir
It was great experience to visit Dr. Nana Morkane’s Pain Clinic. I was suffering from intense back-pain and was not able to sit and work in the office. Dr. Morkane listened to my problem patiently, examined me and gave assurance that I will be fit within not more than five days. His treatment gave me complete pain relief within a week and I didn’t have to take a leave for the treatment. Now I am much happier at the workplace and I passed my ICMAI final exam too!!! Thanks a ton Dr. Morkane